Eichler Master Bath Remodel

The old master bathroom had been updated but, with 11 people living in the house, things were looking pretty worn. We did all the work ourselves except for the sheetrock.

<== Old master bath ==>
<== Erik stripped off the old paneling and got things down to the studs.

We decided to move the master-bedroom/bathrooms wall about a foot into the master bedroom giving us enough room (we thought) for a dual-sink vanity in the master and a jetted tub in the guest bathroom. (Note beam being held up by 4x4.) ==>
<== Our neighbors, Clair Taylor and Charlie Shultz, had 'popped out' the wall of their bathroom to give it a more spacious feel. Since there is a 8' minimum between houses, we could pop out the wall but could not 'pop out' the foundation, so we made a bay-window sort of pop-out and installed a counter-top in the popped-out area. We had originally planned to add cabinetry, but decided not to because of the cost.)

Pre-toilet. Vinyl laid, Bertch hickory cabinet installed, cultured granite shower surrounds and countertop, new shower glass installed. Waiting for cultured granite window countertop to be fabricated (it took something like 4 tries and we were getting REALLY fed up with the fabricator, who kept ignoring our phone calls.) ==>
<== Window pop-out, waiting for countertop.

New cabinets and countertop. (Alas! there wasn't enough room for two sinks).

We ended up installing a bi-fold door between the bedroom and the bathroom because (I think) of not wanting to lose the space needed for a pocket door. ==>